Milli Savunma Üniversitesi - Nizamiye



    1.To organize rules governing the University of National Defense’s Health, Guidance and Counselling operations; on planning, carrying out and integrating updates to the system,

    2.To determine preventive and treatment measures against sickness, to maintain the University personnel’s overall body health,

    3.To plan, direct, controll and coordinate Health service operations,

    4.To develop projects on improving Health services,

    5.To analyze the systems of health institutions and organizations, and perform studies to update and improve health services,

    6.To organize rules governing Guidance and Counselling operations according to the aims and principles of the body; on planning, performing activities and implementing scientific breakthroughs in the system,

    7.To determine rules, make schedules, take measures regarding protection and restoration of the environment and preventing environmental pollution,

    8.To determine rules according to food services aims and principles; planning, carrying out and implementing scientific breakthroughs in the field as necessary,

    9.To ensure that all stages of food production and consumption; or disposal, are carried out according to the laws and directives on hygienic measures,

    10.To provide operation of blood donation services,

    11.To monitor and coordinate health mobilization readiness,

    12.To examine all orders, directives, instructions and issues regarding health services, and implement improvements,

    13.To ensure regular and promptly operation of documenting, recording and correspondence activities, and preserving such data.

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