Milli Savunma Üniversitesi - Nizamiye



    1.To provide monitoring and coordination of activities for the students of Institutes, Faculties and Academies within the body of the University of National Defense; for more productive use of spare time, social and cultural improvement,

    2.To coordinate organization of cultural, artistic and educational activities (symposia, panels, conferences, tours, etc.)

    3.To coordinate collaborative work of writers, artists, scientists, universities and non-governmental organizations involved in the activities,

    4.To coordinate organization of educational branch activities,

    5.To prepare and hold temporary and permanent exhibitions with the aim of engendering and protecting the cultural and historical identity

    6.To monitor activities of musical choirs and theater companies,

    7.In collaboration with Public Education Centers within the context of lifelong learning, to plan, carry out and coordinate official courses and lectures on social, cultural and skill-based subjects.


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