Milli Savunma Üniversitesi - Nizamiye



    1.To carry out health services efficiently, economically and continuously at the University of National Defense Rectorship, as legislated,

    2.To offer primary care health services to the rank and file, personnel and their families within the University Rectorship,

    3.To offer primary care orthodontic services to the rank and file, personnel and their families within the University Rectorship,

    4.To process referrals of diagnosed personnel to a higher-grade health institution as deemed necessary,

    5.To perform immediate medical response in the case of an emergency and formulate evacuation plans for their swift recuperation,

    6.To take necessary measures for 24-hour readiness of the ambulance and the full efficiency of the medical equipment,

    7.To ensure that pharmacy activities are performed in accordance with regulations,

    8.To perform medical examinations of the rank and file being recruited or discharged, and perform regular check-ups,

    9.To hold conferences for the University Rectorship personnel; particularly the rank and file, on the subjects of preventive health measures, seasonal infections, personal hygiene, first aid and other subjects deemed important,

    10.To perform examination of the personnel evaluated as unstable and requiring medical diagnosis by the Guidance and Counselling centers, and refer them to governmental medical institutions,

    11.To supply all kinds of medical equipment for the continuity of medical services,

    12.To carry out activities regarding joint medical services within garrisons, in coordination with the coordinator station surgeon,

    13.To plan in-service training for the personnel employed in the clinic,

    14.To collaborate with the Provincial Directorate of Health as part of protocols made on the subject of primary care health services, in both peacetime and wartime.


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