Milli Savunma Üniversitesi - Nizamiye

    Daytime Nursery

    National defence University (NDU) Daytime Nursery Administration

    The national defence university rectorate and the daycare nursery administration, has been providing a service to children between 37-66 Months of age, who have fully grasped toilet training since 2003.

    Our working hours are, 08: 30-17: 30, Parents pick up their children no later than 18:00.

    With the capacity to hold 100 children; we have 5 classrooms, 4 sleeping rooms, a sports hall, an activity room,a resting room, a food hall, 4 bathrooms (2 Girl/ 2 Boy bathrooms) and two storage rooms. 

    Our Activities are ;

    Monthly Activity Bulletin ,

    Skills Development Exercises,

    Language Development Workshop,

    Drama Lessons,

    Birthday Parties, 

    Play Groups,

    Theatre And Cinema Exhibitions,

    Nature Walks,

    Culinary Activities

    Parent Participation Activities


    We are here for your children:

    •    to be self confident

    •    to be responsible

    •    to be respectful of nature and animals

    •    to be attached to national and sentimental values

    •    to think free and act

    •    to be able to express their thoughts and emotions comfortably

    •    to share consciously, help and support others

    •    to be capable of performing

    •    to grow up to be individuals who communicate freely with their surroundings